Fishermen's Fest

The Spanish Wells Fishermen’s Fest began back in July 2011. The brain child of former fishermen Mr. Robert Roberts and Mr. Howard Albury, the “Fishermen’s Fest” is an annual event recognizing the importance of the Crawfishing Industry to the tiny island community of Spanish Wells. It was decided for the event to be held sometime around mid-July to bid farewell to those fishermen who would be leaving for the opening of the Bahamian Crawfish Season (1st August). The industry continues to provide jobs and an income for most families within the community.

Spanish Wells, also known as “the Fishing Capital of the Bahamas”, is said to be responsible for up to seventy-five percent (75%) of the annual stock of crawfish harvested nationally. Most of the fishing fleet sell their product to the local lobster processing plant, Ronald’s Seafood, which is the main supplier of crawfish for the Red Lobster chain. SO, the next time you’re at Red Lobster and order a “tail” it’s probably from Spanish Wells!

The Fishermen’s Fest continues to expand every year, and, despite its youth, attracts hundreds of visitors, both foreign and domestic. Fun activities for both kids and adults, native dishes inclusive of a variety of seafood, a wide variety of tropical drinks, and lively entertainment from popular Bahamian Artists, all come together for a weekend of activity and excitement.

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